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$20 Per Person

TPA Paintball

Paintball Playing Field


We have over a decade of experience providing a FUN, SAFE and AFFORDABLE paintball experience for our customers. T.P.A. Paintball offers 10 acres of very unique playing fields. Tombstone, Last Hope, D-Day, Heartbreak Ridge, Hyperball and The Attack and Defend fields offer a wide variety of terrain to play out our video game based game modes. Game Modes such as Domination, Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed, Demolition, Search and Destroy, Zombie Apocalypse, Capture the Flag, Center Flag, Gold Rush, Hamburger Hill, Black Hawk Down, Resupply, The Cartel and Robin Hood are just a few which will keep you coming back for more. Most of our games run 15-20 minutes max with unlimited respawns so you get to fully enjoy your experience. TPA Paintball is a FIELD PAINT ONLY FACILITY FOR YOUR SAFETY. NO OUTSIDE PAINTBALLS ARE PERMITTED.

 T.P.A. Paintball

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 "Amazing and friendly staff! The field is diverse and creative."                  5 Stars

Joni Broderck


“It was a BLAST!!!"   5 Stars

Sue Shannon

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Over a decade of GREAT memories